I wander, therefore I am.



I wonder aloud to myself.



Before depthful falls and intimidating peaks. I detangle my heart right side wrong to get a better view of how things could be. 



Just as ancient relics are carved into mountain faces, the image of my bare breasts reflect off of gypsum sands.



Echoes from wild women who ran with wolves bellow across the silence of my mind. 




Memory vibrant with technicolor futures. 



Flash forward to a freedom that rings across painted deserts, wades into waters crystalline, swirls through the grandest of canyons.



I outstretch my arms to the wind, the sea, the stars, for they too know this wild urge of revelation.


Secret breezes known only to the unclothed



Oak Creek Flash.jpg


Whole and still seeking. 


Satiated and still tasting the abundance of pleasure promised by the abyss.